Restaurant & Liqueur brewery SUDERSEE


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Webshop Puur Sudersee

We opened a new webshop called Puur Sudersee. We offer a variety of liquors and take away Poke bowls. Be Shure to check them out! Here is the link:


Behind every company lies a vision. A way of working, a system, a product. That's how it is at restaurants too. Not always natural, you can also open the doors of your restaurant and hope that there will be guests. Restaurant Sudersee does it just a bit different. That is so special.

Sudersee vision

We serve dishes that are fresh, fresh and (h) honest. Because we also have a fish buying company, fish is the flagship with us. But actually this applies to the entire company and all our products. We do everything we can to make it as pleasant as possible.

Super-fresh fish

Fish is our flagship. We buy fresh fish at the exit as often as necessary. We sell these fish freshly on Saturday afternoon between 4 and 6 o'clock to permanent and temporary residents of Hindeloopen. Every time the offer can change, there is nothing as changeable as the catch of the fisherman.

Enjoy your meal!

We keep our range limited. This ensures a high turnover rate per product. Of course this also applies to our meat dishes. You can not choose from 10 dishes with us. But what we have in stock is always Super-fresh. We wish you a pleasant stay in restaurant Sudersee and if you want to eat later? 'Enjoy your meal!'